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Kitchen Renovation - The Small Kitchen

Created On: 2015-08-09 02:16:58
Believe it or not, doing a small kitchen renovation is harder than a large kitchen. There is just not enough room to work with. You want to open it up as much as possible and use light colors to make it appear larger than it is. Or maybe you like that it is small and want to design the room around the size. Either way, you are probably going to need a good contractor or company in Toronto to do the work, and it may be expensive as well as messy.

Smaller Appliances
Since you have a small kitchen you probably do not have a large family. This means you will need less space for each appliance. For example, try a two burner stovetop built into the countertop and a small wall oven. There is probably no need for a large refrigerator so you can save space by having a small one built into the wall as well. By downsizing appliances during the kitchen renovation and incorporating them into the walls you can make a small room open up to look larger.

Lighter Colors
The best way to make the area seem larger is to use lighter colors. White, yellow, even light orange can bring the illusion of light into the room. If you want your kitchen space to look wider than it is, use this trick in the floor plan. The floor should be laid diagonally, which can trick your brain into thinking the kitchen is wider than it really is. If you want the room to seem taller try using stripes that are vertical rather than horizontally. It is all about the lines in these designs. Try visiting a flooring or home remodeling store in Toronto to get some ideas.

Open it Up
Another idea in kitchen renovation is to knock down some walls. Open up the rooms by getting rid of the wall between the kitchen and dining room or living room. This will make both rooms look larger, because they actually are. Or placing a window in the kitchen can really make a difference too. Even just a small round window will let the light in and break up the horizontal lines in the room. A skylight would be an excellent addition to any kitchen, but in a small kitchen it does wonders. It lets in the light to make it seem larger while helping you save money on energy bills.

Knock it Down
If knocking down the wall is not in your budget (or sanity), try using a reflective backsplash. Shiny marble, reflective glass, or even mirrors are a great trick to making the room seem much larger than it is. Or use the walls for storage if you do not want to get rid of them. Hang your pots on the wall and install a strip of magnetic material to hold other metal items like knives.

Make it Taller
One last idea is to extend your ceiling. If you cannot build it wider, make it taller. This can really make a tiny kitchen seem bigger. Kitchen renovation is a very big choice and you should give it a lot of thought before starting any kind of work on it. There are many choices and styles that can help, and if you do not think of any ideas you like, try asking your local hardware store or online kitchen renovation experts.


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